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Providing Psychiatric & Mental Health Care

Lynn Hutchins, psychiatric nurse practitioner, offers mental health care services in Wilson, NC..

Psychiatric Diagnosis

With thoughtful and compassionate care, I work to diagnose and treat a range of psychiatric illnesses including depression, anxiety, ADD, bipolar and more.

Medication Management

Through medication management, I ensure my patients are living to their fullest potential. If you’re experiencing any side effects or your medication doesn’t seem to be working, we’ll talk about that during your visit.

In-House Therapy

While I do not offer counseling or therapy, I do refer patients to therapists, often in the same building as my office. Counseling or therapy along with medication is beneficial for many of my patients.


We are located at 4612 Nash St. N. in Wilson, NC. To schedule an appointment, please call 252-281-5044.